Call Out Info Point Šid

Mobile Info Point Sid

Dear everyone,

since the beginning of November there has been a mobile info point at the petrol station in Adaševci close to Šid, at the border from Serbia to Croatia. We have to leave Šid this Wedenesday, the 25th, but we are looking for people who want to continue with this in the next weeks.

What did we do?

We handed out information leaflets about the Balkan route in English, Arabic, Farsi, Pashtu and Urdu. We also set up a charging station for mobile phones run by car batteries and set up a free wifi hotspot. And of course we answered questions and had conversations together.

Why is this place important?

At the moment almost all the buses coming from Prešovo (Serbian-Makedonian border) or Belgrade are waiting several hours at the petrol station, before going to Šid train station. People usually leave the busses and hang around the petrol station and the parking space, so there is time for talking and phone charging. At the moment, there are no other groups or organizations that spread info. It is the last chance to spread independent information freely before people enter the corridor‘ to Austria.

How is the situation there?

Day and night, there are busses arriving. So there are several hundred people at the gas station most of the time. Since Thursday, Serbia and the entire Corridor countries have started segregating people by their nationality. There are right now mostly Afghans, Irakis ans Syrians at the gas station. People with other nationalities are separated and brought to a special camp in Principovac (close to Sid). It is important to follow up what is happening to them and show solidarity.

The info point is not registered with the Serbian authorities (Comisariat), but within the last days there were no problems about that. However, they police the space in front of the Motel at the parking lot, not the petrol station, because that is a public space. So it makes sense to be there, because here you have access to almost everyone moving inside the state controlled transit corridor at the moment.

Get in touch with us, if you think about coming. We can also leave you with some of our equipment.


Mobile Info Point Sid (22.11.2015)
contact: infocarsolinetz[at]