Update from Dobova (2.30pm)

The former camp in Rigonce, close to Dobova, is deserted. As mentioned in the post below, people are directly being brought to Dobova. Although that’s a good thing concerning logistics, the problem is that volunteers without accreditation can barely do anything in Dobova to provide food. That was by far the easiest in Rigonce.

In Dobova, right now people have to stay 24 to 48 hours. Police do not let volunteers enter. They accused volunteers of filming inside the camp and trespassed everyone. Now there’s a total ban for volunteers.

To observers, the whole area seems like a cage. There’s a noticeable tension between the refugees.
Today, the police peppersprayed refugees, and at least one infant got peppersprayed, too.

There is no warm food. Neither Red Cross nor UNHCR are here, only a Christian NGO called „Adra“. They distribute bread, canned tuna, food packages and goods.
The refugees are hungry and have not had a meal for quite a while. There are 1.500 to 2.000 people in the camp right now, plus approximately 30 volunteers and NGO associates.

By now, there are sufficient donations (goods), but money is needed for cooking.