Serbian-Bulgarian border (11am)

Urgent call from Dimitrovgrad

There will be only 2 or 3 Volunteers left in Dimitrovgrad, who don’t even have a car, they are from Croatia and Canada, can translate Farsi and speak a bit of Croatian. Here in Dimitrovgrad there are 200 up to 300 mostly Afghan men, some women arriving here, the repression of the officials is getting worse, the prices of the busses rose from 35 to 40, so the refugees start walking to Pirot, Nis or even Belgrade. In the nigth it is around 3 degrees, probably less up there in the mountains.

Things we need: donations [warm clothes like jakets, shoes, socks, pants, hats, scarves, etc.], money for food and a CAR to get the stuff here and at least 4 people!!