Serbien-macedonian border (10 am)

Report from Presevo

Urgent call for help!

We’ve been in Presevo since two days now. The situation is horrible. A lot is needed. Thousands of people come here and have to wait up to 13 hours to 2 days in constant rain. Children and others are suffering from severe hypothermia, their hands are white from the cold. There are only one or two doctors here. A woman lost her unborn child, children were found alone in flooded tents. The police plays their power with cudgels, general (health)care is bad. We urgently need support, we need all the helpers and supplys we can get. Many volunteers have to go home tonight. We constantly try to cook warm food, but it is a huge challenge to keep the people calm, and keep them warm and provide them with food! Cab drivers try to catch the refugees before the registration to drive them anywhere to excessive prices. It seems like a mafia-like organisation. Yeserday night everything was flooded, we stood in dirty water full of garbage, up to our knees. People are wet, cold and tired. If they leave the waiting line, they have to join the queue at the very end again afterwards. Medical care in front of the waiting line is needed most of all! And there is nearly no press/media here!

source: sos konvoi

long report in german